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Sunday, July 5, 2009

we will be @WareHaus Sale

hellewww sweetness..
we know we've been missing for so so so so long and we are truly sorry ;(( but then again we're back with loads of new exciting and adorable stuff..watch out this space as we're rocking your closettt! weeeheeee... oh yeah, we're joining our hood - fabulousmarvelous & dressierre at a WareHaus Sale under the roof of ThreadsZoo...When we said under the roof, its an indoor - with aircond! yeaaayyy!! no more musky smell..ahahahha..here's the lo-down of the event:
where everything has to go...

date: 11th JULY, 2009 (SATURDAY)
time: 11am - 6pm
venue: @ MIST, Jalan Liku,Bangsar
check out the ThreadsZoo signage incase u're lost around that area. its just around NST Bangsar
oh yeah..the map
some fun facts of the event:
..:Eventho, its an indoor event, there will be smoking area outside and inside remains NON SMOKING:..
..:Since what looks like a warehouse during the day and a club at night: bfs , chaperons, housemate and etc will be lavish with happy hour all day long just for one day only.read: RM30nett per jug, RM7 per mug and RM5 for house pouring drinks:..
..:We will continuously support THE NO PLASTIC BAG campaign, so please support us by charging people RM0.50 for plastic / paper bags! and don't forget to bring your trendiest shopping bags aight?!:..
..:And the best part, ThreadsZoo are giving away RM50 shopping vouchers from Forever 21 to patrons who shop for more than RM150 with proof of purchase:..
So what u waiting for?? Just hop on your vehicle and shop with us there!!
See you around hunnies ;))))
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

our first testament

hey beaootiful people. we're not new since we've been blogging with our sister blog, dressierre. we're bit different from our sister but more or less sharing the same interest, fashion! but here we present you more evergreen collections which we hunt high and low, ups and down, left and right just for our lovelies. do noted that we loOove to share with you and would love to hear from you what do u like to see in our blogs to savor our dearest interests. till then dearies. mmuuaaahhhhh :3333
Monday, December 15, 2008


pattern close up
back view
when i first glance thru this dress, it never stick in my head. but when i tried it on, it flows heavily thru my body and the material is sooooOoo comfortable. make me wonder which year i am now. hihhhii :))))) its so vintage. i think the damask pattern and the color itself throws me to the yesteryears of my parents - i guess. but then, to modernize it to our time, wear it with a small clincher with gold or silver buckle and spice it up with big chunky bangles, black studs and long necklace. walllaaaaa :DDDDD
material velvet - like
measurement 65"
fits uk 6-12

Friday, December 5, 2008

spunky princess


sleeves close up peter pan collar

i know this big blouse is ol ol story from our cupboard. but you can wear this biggy blouse with high waisted belt or clincher and tadaaa - a dress on your own creation. just tossed up with some of your dark accessories. you can go punk with it on day and be a princess at night. woohooo!! :33
material 100% cotton
measurement 34.5"
fits uk6-12
+ black & white (sold) + turqoise +